The TV reminds me that Bruce Springsteen’s on stage at the Tonys. Halfway through my instant eye roll (c’mon, man, you’re blocking their sun), I stop. “He’s always been wonderful to you. Just listen, freely.”

One undivided second of attention in and I’m hooked. Then and now and way back when. Whole world is.

When Bruce stops bossin’, I shift back to what I was doing. Texting. Jackie, from Jersey.

Epiphany! My best girlfriends out east are all Jersey girls. You, kate and erin, and my old coworker Joy works with me again and we’re having a blast. All jersey girls. You all remind me of your fearlessness, sensitivity and love for hair and makeup. Jewelry too, but you do it bigger and better than ‘em all. Tell me about your trip soon!

One decade down. Second merrily on its way. This is my hometown.



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